The Royal Wedding Week with Katherine Elizabeth Millinery

Last weekend the whole world was staring at Britain. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married in the magnificent Windsor Chapel. It was a marriage filled with love and the bride looked beautiful. We wish the Duke and Duchess all the best for the rest of their married life.

During this occasion, Katherine Elizabeth was interviewed by Bulgarian television show Nakafe to discuss the latest millinery fashion as well as how hats should be worn during Royal Wedding. We would like to thank the Bulgarian TV crew for their time and it was lovely to meet the presenter Asya on this special day.

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Coffee with Gala Bulagrian TV Show Nakafe

"Our Award-Winning Katherine Elizabeth explained the importance of wearing a hat during a wedding. The most appropriate colour for this kind of event but also the most appropriate size. Katherine makes a small demonstration to show part of the hat making process. This interview was a moment of sharing and conviviality, a very pleasant moment, we thank you"

Video of the moment is at 12.35 minutes into the video you will see Katherine Elizabeth Millinery on Bulgarian TV.