Millinery and Business Academy

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Millinery and Business Academy

by Katherine Elizabeth

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a unique, handmade head pieces?

The head piece is a necessary accessory to bring an outfit to life, however sometimes it is complicated to find the exact sophisticated and elegant piece of your dreams. You have a precise idea of what you want but you can’t find it, Katherine has the solution, why don’t you create it!

Indeed, Katherine Elizabeth just launched her new website the “Millinery & Business Academy”.

On the site you can subscribe and learn how to make your very own and unique hat from A to Z.

Katherine has successfully taught thousands of students about millinery and business over the years and worked with companies such as Visa, Investec, Royal Bank of Canada to put on special millinery events in venues such as the Cliveden house, Chewton Glen, Berkley Hotel, the Rosewood Hotel.

She had worked with designers and artists such as Jasper Gavida, Stephen Jones, The Noisetts, Lily Allen, Dita Von Teese, Jameela Jamil to name a few.

Katherine will teach you step by step, through recorded online videos, all about create your own original hat as well as interview experts on business. You will learn how to create, launch and run your own business! What more do you need.

You will also join a lovely community of creative entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to answer any questions you have and help along the way.

Please join our waiting list and become a part of this wonderful community