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A wedding is the most special event in the life of two people, but it is not only about the wedding day.

A wedding is special from the moment you decide to get married, indeed there is a lot of procedure before the wedding such as announcing the good news to your family, friends and of course choosing your bridesmaids.

The job of a bridesmaid involves a lot of responsibilities, as to making sure that on the day of the wedding, the bride will have all of her demands and wishes met, additionally to this important job the bridesmaid has to organise the traditional hen party. This task can become quite hard if you are not accustomed to organising events.


3 Tips to helping you organise an event!

1) Define a budget according to the number of persons participating.

2) Set a goal, what do you want to accomplish, in what direction you want your event to go and for what purpose?

3) Decide on a place and date to hold your event.

Fortunately, there is also event planners that can help you. Millinery House is one of them, indeed Millinery House events specialise in hen parties with a millinery touch!

Our events are very special because it brings the guests together, is an excuse to have fun making beautiful hats, whilst drinking champagne and everyone will create a unique hat to wear to the wedding.

We provide all of the fabrics as well as help you choose a beautiful venue for the big day.

If you want to organise the most original party and give unforgettable memories to your friends, then please chose Millinery House Events.