Our unforgettable princess

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On Thursday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lady Diana’s death. What a tragic anniversary.

She was a great lady. She cared about people from all around the world and was the “people’s princess” as Tony Blair properly underlined. She played an outstanding role in British life as a humanitarian, a celebrity, a role model and an altogether fantastic royal.

She had her own ideas on etiquette, for example, she did not wear gloves for public meetings with people because she preferred to shake hands and have a direct contact with people. The most famous picture remains when she touched people infected by the AIDs in 1991.

Of course, she is still an iconic fashion model all around the world, her fashion was a tool to deliver a message for people. For instance, when she visited sick children in hospital, she wore coloured dresses to inspire happiness. When she officially visited a foreign country, she wore a dress that matched with the flag of the country, for instance the red and white dress in Japan in 1986. If you want to know further about her style, you can see the beautiful exhibition in Kensington Palace named “Diana: her fashion story” where you can admire the most iconic dresses of Lady Diana and of course all her amazing hats!

We will keep in mind her smile, her duty to people and her style.

To celebrate her life, we have selected 5 of the best iconic hats that Lady Diana wore.

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   Thank you Google Images for all the pictures, no copyright


Thank you Google Images for all the pictures, no copyright