Summer is gone... but winter is full of promise

Dearest readers,

It’s time to bid farewells to the summer: looking for your coat, scarf and gloves in the far end of your wardrobe. I hope that you had a great holiday and a great time this summer. Even if you are sad that summer is done, you should remember that winter means Christmas! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful lights in the streets, the smell of the Christmas tree and drinking hot chocolate in my bed under the duvet.
However, this is not the only reason why I really love winter. I love wearing black boots, leather gloves and a black hat. I truly think that this look is so chic! 


Thank you Google Image for the picture

As for the winter 2017-2018, bright red will be the colour of this season! If you want something more “plain”, go ahead with pink and wine-colored. As for the material of this winter season: leather, felt and wool feature quite a lot. 

I will let you admire the winter collection of Katherine Elizabeth who unveils her latest creations! You may recall that accessories such as a handbag, belt and hat complete the look! 

You can wear a simple jean a plain white shirt but with a hat, you will look stylish right away. Don’t underestimate the accessories that complete your look.

Katherine Elizabeth 2017 collection (high res)  0059.jpg
Katherine Elizabeth 2017 collection (high res)  0056.jpg
Katherine Elizabeth 2017 collection (high res)  0060.jpg
Katherine Elizabeth 2017 collection (high res)  0061.jpg

All the items are available in the London OXO Tower boutique.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Much love,