Exciting news!


We have come together with Sima Vaziry Jewellery to open an atelier and shop in order to showcase our award-winning creations. The attractive high-end items on display appeal to a wide audience who appreciate exquisite designs and craftsmanship so we really hope that this new collaboration is a big success!


Opening Night

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating the opening of our new boutique in the Oxo Tower.

A beautiful new atelier full of lovely people, sounds like a great start!

The enthusiasm everyone has shown for our boutique is fantastic and has made us so proud.

We are really grateful to you and everyone who has helped and supported us during the last few months.


Our move was very quick. In one month we packed all our belongings from our studios whilst we were also painting the walls in our new shop. We could not believe how many boxes we had full of hats, hat blocks, materials, feathers! It was crazy!

It is quite fun to put things into new places, a new start, new beginnings. A new place to put your old things you love so much!

It was amazing when we could finally see the floor again.

We remember the fun times that we had painting and tidy everything but are also so glad that it’s finished and we look forward to welcoming you into our new shop in the iconic OXO Tower! 


We would love to share a cup of tea with you or even a glass of champagne, we can sit on the Chaise Longue and look out at the river, whilst talking about hats, lovely!

We look forward to seeing you soon and enjoy the photos.


Jahna Sebastian - Singer, song writer and model

Katherine Elizabeth and Sima Vaziry

katherine Elizabeth