Behind The Scenes of Our Photoshoot

Have you ever posed for a photographer? You think it is easy, right? You just have to look glamorously bored. Well, it is actually far more difficult than that! Two weeks ago, we shot our 2017 spring/summer collection. And you must be aware, to shot the perfect picture you have to think about your facial pose, arch your back, lower the showers and squinch in order to smize. 

No, this is not Chinese, "squinching" and "smizing" are well-guarded techniques to look fantastic on pictures. Squinching consists in lifting and tightening your lower eyelid and delicately lowering your upper eyelid. For the word "smizing", we have to thank Tyra Banks, a famous American Business Woman, and former model. It literally means smiling with the eyes! 


Here is a sneak peek of Katherine Elizabeth's 2017 spring/summer collection and some hats of her 2017 autumn/ winter collection 


The spring/summer collection gives off a feeling of lazy glamorous summer afternoons, hats that make you feel happy. we used bright colours, endless feathers, and beautiful roses to create the hats! 

The colours for this season are actually oranges, salmon, brown of all things for autumn and winter 2017. And turquoise, blue, pink and yellow for spring and summer. 


Katherine brings in nature to a lot of her collection pieces and this collection has a slight 50's glam feel. 

For this collection we asked the talented photographer Belinda from Belle Photo Journey, her kindness and professionalism made this photoshoot a delightful moment! 

Her website:


Makeup artist: Anita Stevens,


We are looking forward to showing you all the new hats! 

katherine Elizabeth