Spreading the word

When I started my adventures in millinery I didn’t realise quite how much I would enjoy spreading the word about wonderful hats. I now regularly talk to groups in the fashion and corporate worlds about hats, I’ve appeared on BBC programs discussing my work at Katherine Elizabeth Millinery and I regularly receive high-quality press in a wide range of lifestyle and fashion titles. Talking about hats is one of my pleasures and it’s so good to reach a wide audience.


This month we are featured in Cosmopolitan in The Cosmo Guide to Doing Absolutely Everything – How to Rock a Headpiece. I’m not going to repeat my advice; you can read it in Cosmopolitan but do also check out their website for a ‘how to make a headpiece’ feature I’ve written. It’s a bit of frothy fun, but why not, we all need a moment to laugh, don’t we!

Our other press has been in a-MUSE. This is really interesting project – a high-quality free magazine for London. What a wonderful idea. Its run by Sasha Slater former editor of ES Magazine and you can read the magazine, including a piece on some of our activities, here.

I’ve just been making some elegant, graphic-sharp hats and head pieces. I’ll show you the work in progress soon. 

Enjoy the week!

katherine Elizabeth