The Perfect Christmas Present

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and you know what that means… Presents! In any and every form you can image. Everyone loves the perfect Christmas present, but that’s just it. How do we find the perfect present for our loved ones? There’s something to be said about receiving jewelry or a new pair of shoes in your stocking, but what if I said it’s about time to gift something memorable!

One of the most amazing aspects of Christmas is being able to express the love we have for others. Giving and receiving presents is one of the many ways we express this love, and in my opinion the perfect way to show our loved ones truly how special they are. Katherine Elizabeth Millinery has created a Christmas present that not only benefits those receiving it, but those giving it as well! With our new Gift Vouchers, you are able to give your loved one a memorable experience of either a Millinery class or the opportunity to design a hat for any event you may have, whether it be new years or even the races! A millinery class not only offers intricate millinery skills and techniques, it also gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one, making lasting memories and lasting hats!

In a world of produced and manufactured goods, we are very happy to offer this hand made, personalized present to add to your gift collection. After all, hats are a fast-returning wardrobe staple, and never go out of style!

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katherine Elizabeth